Avoid costly attacks to your web applications. 's intelligent protection dynamically protects and prevents unauthorized access.

As an intelligent web proxy, the patent pending inspects traffic between clients and web servers. Traffic is screened for compliance against a set of dynamically generated rules, thereby protecting web servers against unauthorized access and modification.

automatically builds rule sets based on the web site content, including active content like ASP pages and CGI scripts. Rules are dynamically updated whenever web site content changes.

Protection is provided for known and evolving attacks such as:

  • parameter tampering
  • SQL parameter tampering
  • HTTP attacks
  • buffer overflows
  • general exploitation
  • hidden manipulation
  • stealth commanding
  • backdoors and debug options
  • third party misconfiguration
  • protocol piggyback
  • hidden parameter tampering
  • parser evasion
  • high-bit shellcode protection
  • cookie poisoning
  • forceful browsing
  • files upload

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